10 July 2024 Public Law: Drafting of Lamy "Energetic transition"


Lacourte Raquin Tatar partners Xavier de Lesquen and Anne-Laure Gauthier, along with associates Félix Avenel and Paul Mazet, are delighted to have played a major role in the writing of the new Lamy publication “Energetic transition”, which has just been put online on the Lamyline.fr website.


They have written the following studies:

Study 18 – Town planning rules and renewable energies

Study 19 – Planning authorizations and renewable energies

Study 21 – Environmental permits and renewable energies

Study 40 – Agrivoltaics

Study 42 – Siting of onshore wind turbines


We would like to extend our warmest thanks to Claudie Boiteau and Louis de Fontenelle, scientific directors, Ornella Insalaco, general secretary of the editorial team, and the entire project team, for allowing us to contribute to this invaluable work for patricians and legal experts in the field of renewable energy law.

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