Founded in Paris in 1993, Lacourte Raquin Tatar is a law firm that covers the main areas of business law: mergers and acquisitions, real estate, taxation, financing, public law, financial services/asset management and litigation.

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  1. 01 Mergers
    & Acquisitions

    Our Mergers & Acquisitions team assists its clients, large groups, institutional investors and investment funds, in all their strategic transactions.

  2. 02 Real Estate

    Our Real Estate team has expertise in all areas of the real estate industry for traditional or complex operations related to various sectors of activity.

  3. 03 Tax

    Our tax team advises and assists its clients on all their tax issues, including personal and estate tax matters, and in the context of tax audits and litigation.

  4. 04 Financing

    Our Financing team serves arrangers, lenders, debt funds, insurers and mezzanine funds in setting up all types of loans and financial products.

  5. 05 Public Law

    Our Public Law team advises and litigates in the various areas of public law, mainly in the fields of urban planning, public procurement, public property and the environment.

  6. 06 Litigation

    Our Litigation team handles complex business litigation before civil, commercial and criminal courts and has recognized expertise in real estate and construction litigation.

  7. 07 Financial

    Our Financial Services team works on banking and investment services regulatory issues for investment firms, credit institutions, insurance companies and investment funds.

  8. 08 Asset

    Our Asset Management team assists credit institutions, investment firms, participatory finance platforms, management companies and institutional investors in all their related issues.

the team

Lacourte Raquin Tatar brings together a team of professionals with recognized expertise in their respective fields. The firm's attorneys are committed to providing excellent service to their clients and to the success of their operations and cases.

The team

Creating legal solutions

“Think outside of the box and fight for the client’s interests.” Client testimonial – Chambers