Practice areas Real Estate

Lacourte Raquin Tatar is a key player in the real estate sector.

The firm's know-how is widely appreciated in all areas of interest to the players in this sector. It mobilizes multidisciplinary teams and thus combines its knowledge of real estate matters with the skills of its teams in litigation, pre-litigation, urban planning, taxation, financing and mergers and acquisitions.

The team thus provides a coordinated, strategic and specialized vision of all legal and tax issues concerning real estate transactions, regardless of the nature of the assets in question (offices, retail, logistics, hotels, housing, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, data centers, etc.) and their stage of development.


  1. 01

    Investment/disinvestment of real estate assets

  2. 02

    Mergers and acquisitions

  3. 03

    Structuring of real estate operations

  4. 04

    Real Estate Partnerships

  5. 05

    Leases of any kind and all types of contracts conferring or restricting rights on a real estate asset

  6. 06

    Development and redevelopment of land

  7. 07

    Urban planning, urban and commercial development, public contracts

  8. 08

    Promotion and construction

  9. 09

    Environment, renewable energies

  10. 10

    Organization of the land control including on the public domain

  11. 11

    Structuring of real estate funds

  12. 12

    Real estate financing

  13. 13